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1. Bring your child’s Alberta Health Care (or other provincial health plan) card to each clinic visit.

2. Remember to bring any copies or CD/DVDs regarding your child’s medical results/tests if your doctor has given you a copy.
  • This is especially helpful if you are travelling from outside of Alberta.
3. Bring a list of all medications and dosages that your child takes regularly. Include any herbal/natural supplements or vitamins.

4. Bring any needed legal papers.
  • Birth or adoptive parents do not need to bring a birth certificate or any other legal papers.
  • If you are a legal guardian, we will need to see the legal papers that say so.
  • If you are the parent, but do not have legal custody, we will need to see the legal papers that allow you to make healthcare decisions for your child.
  • If you are a foster parent, we will need the legal papers that also provide information about the social worker or caseworker.
5. Arrange for childcare for siblings.
  • Whenever possible, it is always ideal to arrange for childcare for siblings as it will make it easier for you and your physician to discuss your child’s medical condition. Although most clinic visits will take less than 1 hour, occasionally there may be a need to perform tests or scans that can take a several hours.
6. Write down your questions
  • Feel free to write down any questions you want to ask during your child's visit.
7. Tell us about cultural beliefs
  • Let us know about cultural beliefs or unique needs that may affect you child's treatment and care.
8. Interpreters
  • The Stollery Children’s Hospital can arrange for non-English language interpreters at no cost to patients and families. Please contact us to arrange this service. Arrangements for an interpreter can be made when your visit is scheduled.
9. Check for illness
  • If your child has a new rash, fever, has been exposed to chicken pox in the last three weeks, or if someone in your family has recently been diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB), call us as soon as possible to reschedule your child’s appointment.
10. Arrange housing and transportation